Stubby Root Nematode and Sampling in Sugar Beet    
        Mohamed F.R. Khan, Sahar Arabiat, Ashok K. Chanda, Guiping Yan
  Sugar Beet Cyst Nematode    

      Mohamed F.R. Khan, Sahar Arabiat, Ashok K. Chanda, Guiping Yan

  Management of Rhizoctonia Root and Crown Rot of Sugar Beets    
         Mohamed F.R. Khan and Melvin D. Bolton

Herbicide Diversification Options for Glyphosate-Resistant Corn
Jeff Gunsolus and Dr. Jeff Stachler

Glyphosate Formulations Labeled for RR Sugarbeet in 2010
Dr. Jeff Stachler

What is Site- Specific Farming?
Dr. Dave Franzen

Soil Sampling and Variable-Rate Fertilizer Application
Dr. Dave Franzen

Yield Mapping
Dr. Dave Franzen

Site-Specific Farming and the Environment
Dr. Dave Franzen

A Management Model for Cercospora Leaf Spot of Sugarbeets
Roger K. Jones, Carol Windels

Rating Sugarbeets for Sugarbeet Root Maggot Feeding Damage
Scott Armstrong, Bob Dregseth

Soil Sampling as a Basis for Fertilizer Application
D.W. Franzen, L.J. Cihacek

Economic Contribution of the Sugarbeet Industry to North Dakota and Minnesota
Dean A. Bangsund, F. Larry Leistritz

Seedling Diseases, Root Rot, and Rhizomania on Sugarbeet
Carol E. Windels, H. Arthur Lamey

Cercospora Leafspot of Sugarbeets
H.A. Lamey, W.M. Bugbee, A.W. Cattanach, C.E. Windels

Consumer Fact Sheet...Sugar In Your Diet
The Sugar Association

Sugarbeet Powdery Mildew
Carl A. Bradley, Mohamed F. R. Khan

Fusarium Yellows of Sugarbeet
Mohamed F.R. Khan, Carl A. Bradley, Carol E. Windels

Comparison of Cercospora and Bacterial Leaf Spots of Sugarbeet
Carol E. Windels, Carl A. Bradley, Mohamed F. R. Khan

Leaf-feeding Weevil in Sugarbeet
Mohamed F. R. Khan, Mark A. Boetel, Lonny M. Buss


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